Chaos EC Counter-Strike Update

Starting today we will be parting ways with the current Chaos Counter-Strike roster. The teams contracts have expired and we’re opting not to renew as we look to reposition within the scene. Due to lack of organizational support in Sweden, we sometimes struggled to provide the Japaleno squad with a 110% level of support, which we aspire to do with any player competing under the Chaos banner.

With any learning experience, change often follows. The future of Chaos EC Counter-Strike lies in North America. We want to make sure that the next roster stepping in to fill this void has every opportunity to be the best in the world.

 From GM of Chaos EC Jared Fletcher:

”This team is one of the hardest working teams I have come across and it was my first major experience with top level Counter-Strike players. They have teetered on the edge of success many times and have still not quite broken through at the level which any pro CS player aspires to, but every time they immediately picked themselves back up and get back to work with renewed focus and drive. I have no doubt that this team will eventually find the success they seek and any organization that can support them fully would be lucky to have them.”

We wish all of the players the best of luck in the future. If a prospective team would like to contact them they can be reached at We are actively pursuing options in North America and hope to have a roster ready to announce shortly.