Chaos EC Exits Battle Royale

Today we are exiting the Apex Legends and the Battle Royale genre as a whole. We started this project with the idea that we wanted our players to be able to freely choose the games within the genre they thought best to compete in at the time, but after further internal discussions we have decided the genre itself is not conducive to esports organizations or the value we are trying to create. The random nature of the game, compounded by ecosystems that typically do not value organizations or their concerns, make it incredibly difficult to justify supporting competitive teams within the space. If we do return to Battle Royale in the future it will be with a heavy focus on content creation.  

With that said we will be releasing Joeyblackout and Choppadown into free agency. Both players have been incredibly easy to work with and this decision has little to do with them as individuals or as competitors. They are without a doubt exceptional players and people, and we know they will find themselves success in whatever they choose to do next.

Thank you both and good luck.