CS:GO Roster Update - 06.04.20

We have finalized our most recent roster for CS:GO and it will come as no surprise to any fans that have been following the team.

After a bit of soul searching Nathan “leaf” Orf has realized CS:GO is where he belongs and will be joining the team in a full-time capacity. Alongside leaf we are expanding our roster further north with the addition of Jon “Jonji-JLC” Carey. We have already seen great things out of both of these players in their short time with us thus far. We know that with more time together this roster will prove themselves as a top team.

Please join us in welcoming Jon “Jonji-JLC” Carey and Nathan “leaf” Orf (back) to the team!

Chaos EC CS:GO Roster:

Erik “Xeppaa” Bach

Nathan “leaf” Orf

Jon “Jonji-JLC” Carey

Joshua “steel” Nissan

Anthony “vanity” Malaspina


Support Staff:

Matt “mCe” Elmore - Coach

Connor “Slim Sweeeazy” Larkin - Manager