CSGO Roster Update - 02.08

After moving the CS:GO team to Arizona we quickly realized how necessary it is to have all the players located on site to maximize the benefit. With that in mind today we are making an update to the roster that aligns with that belief.

Shakezullah will be leaving the team for a new project and to continue his studies. He will be replaced by our new coach who will be moving to Arizona this weekend. We believe his no-nonsense attitude, experience, and maturity will help to balance the team and help give direction and drive to our developing team. 

Please join us in welcoming Matt “mCe” Elmore to the Chaos EC CS:GO Team.

"Originally, we had planned to transition Shakezullah and wippie to Arizona when we could make it work around their schedules(or visa availability in the case of wippie). The goal was to always have all of the players and staff living and playing together. My mistake was believing that would be alright knowing how the dynamic of some players being at a 24/7 facility and some playing from home plays out. This is definitely a necessity to push team growth forward"  — Jared Fletcher, General Manager

In addition to the coach change, Infinite has officially been released from the team and will continue to play as a free agent.

Chaos EC CS:GO Roster:

Owen “smooya” Butterfield

Cam “cam” Kern

Ben “ben1337” Smith

Joshua “steel” Nissan

Anthony “vanity” Malaspina


Support Staff:

Matt “mCe” Elmore - Coach

Connor “Slim Sweeeazy” Larkin - Manager