Organizing Chaos





A year ago, we established GG Group with the goal of building a leading digital media company focused on developing & acquiring prominent gaming-focused brands and entertainment properties. We set off on our mission searching for teams and people with track records and brands that we believed we could help bring to new heights as part of the ecosystem we’re developing — Chaos EC and Do Not Peek Entertainment (DNP) were two teams that stood out to us, and we are happy to announce that they’ve joined the GG Group family.

Additionally, we put together an ownership group at GG that includes a diverse set of leaders in  entertainment, media, tech, fashion, gaming and professional sports that shared a similar vision, including: Logic, Pusha-T, Upscale Vandal, Chris Zarou, Summer Watson and esports pioneers Billy Levy & Zack Zeldin as well as a number of other incredible people that we will be announcing in the near future.

Since coming together, we’ve been working behind the scenes on plans to integrate and re-introduce Chaos EC and DNP, along with some other strategic assets, with the kind of moves you might expect of this particular group of artists and entrepreneurs.

All that said, it is impossible to move forward without addressing the Chaos around us and taking ownership as a diverse team in effecting change.

Over the last seven months, we’ve seen a global health pandemic infect over 20 million globally, claiming nearly 1 million lives and wreaking economic havoc, with over 40 million people losing their jobs and access to healthcare in the United States in a matter of weeks.

And on top of this, millions have taken to the streets to protest America’s record of police brutality, systemic oppression and racism, triggered by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.




Rather than remain in stealth mode as we further developed these assets to launch as planned, we’ve decided to publicly come out with more details about GG Group so we can use it and Chaos EC as a resource to incite change.

The GG Group team has been incredibly inspired by those that have hit the streets to voice their anger, frustration, pain and despair are showing a brave display of the power and energy of organized chaos. The youngest of us have harnessed this energy by staging online protests, ruining “presidential rallies”, destroying racist hashtags, and raising money for good causes.

There is much to come, but first: today, in solidarity with that harnessing organized chaos on the streets, we’re committing to the following actions:

  1. We’re actively supporting grass roots organizations, such as NYC Revolutionaries that are hitting the streets to protest systemic racism and police brutality in the United States through financial donations and through donating protest essentials, such as masks and first aid kits. We’ve also made donations to non-profits like Equal Justice Initiative  that  are fighting to end mass incarceration and address racial inequality in the justice system. Change is happening, thanks to the protests and persistent activism. We need that energy, so will support with necessities to make it safe and possible.
  2. We are a diverse and inclusive ownership group, but we can be better throughout the larger organization. As we continue to grow, we will set measurable goals for the makeup of our creatives, company, and leadership. As we expand Chaos’ non-competitive roster we are committing that a meaningful number of our new signees will be people from underrepresented communities. Moreover, we are beginning to partner with and amplify organizations within the gaming community that are focused on diversity within the industry, such as Gameheads
  3. We’re initiating a community call to action. We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t have all the answers, especially as it pertains to action that can be taken within the gaming community. With that said, we’d like to crowdsource high impact opportunities for us to serve and support with our resources and networks--if you have any great ideas to share, or are you already organizing chaos yourself, email us at Our goal is to implement or amplify at least one high impact community-sourced idea before the end of 2020.  

While we know that our initiatives alone will not completely solve these issues, we are committed to using our platform to push for meaningful change in the gaming industry and support the chaos creators that our out on the frontline every day. Ultimately, we’re down to support anyone organizing chaos to leave this world better than we found it.


Ramon Gamble
President, GG Group