Rainbow Six Roster Changes

Chaos EC and Kripps have mutually agreed to part ways after an exhausting season of Pro League.

As a team we have explored all avenues of development and attempted to crest this hill we have been struggling against but progress has been slow and exhausting. We encourage individual and group development and our entire Rainbow Six roster has diligently strived towards improvement, both for themselves and as a team. However, playstyle and chemistry can differ which can make the path more difficult than need be. We believe this roster move will be positive for both the Rainbow Six team and Kripps, and everyone at Chaos EC wishes him nothing but the best on his future team. Thank you Kripps!

From GM of Chaos EC Jared Fletcher, regarding the release:

“Kripps is one of the most exciting players to watch in Pro League and for good reason. He has the skill and focus to pull off some crazy gun fights that should not be won. He has always put his best foot forward and is as passionate as they come for Rainbow Six. Unfortunately, the entire team has fallen into a huge slump compounded by the looming threat of relegation. Those that have experienced this level of stress know how brutal it can be and the effect it has on your mind and body. Everyone on the team has been worse off for it and we have all agreed that this is the best next step for us all. It was a pleasure having you on the team Kripps. Thank you for all your hard work.”