Thank You Next1

Today we have a quick update regarding the status of our Rainbow Six roster as we head into the next transfer window. 

Next1 will be released into free agency effective immediately and allowed to look for a new team without restrictions during the next player transfer period. We are making this change to continue to prepare the roster for an eventual transfer to a new organization. The incoming player replacements will better align with the goals of our top candidate for the transfer. 

Next1 is a phenomenally skilled player that brought a lot of individual flair to the team. We hope to see him fight his way back into Pro League once again.

Thank you Next1 for your time with the team!


The current roster is:

Rickard “Secretly” Olofsson - IGL

Pascal “cryn” Alouane

Aleks “VITO” Lyapun

Support Staff:

Galdim “Hyperino” Dani - Manager & Coach