Thank You Secretly

Today we will be moving Secretly to our bench while we explore other player options. This change comes after a lengthy post-season discussion about the team between all of the players and management. The core of this roster has been together for several years and made gradual progress, but we have not been able to achieve the results that we expect of ourselves. Ultimately, we feel the communication styles within the team were too different from each other which made it hard for us to adapt to the rapidly changing Rainbow Six meta.

During this time Secretly will be available for transfer and is still interested in competing. He is still extremely motivated, knowledgeable about the game, and skilled at Rainbow Six. If you are a R6PL team looking for a player that will help provide structure and incorporate new ideas into your team I highly recommend him.


Please contact if you would like to open up a conversation regarding his transfer.

Moving forward Redgroove will be stepping in to IGL and we will be exploring for a replacement for Secretly.