Thank You Syred

Today we will be releasing Victor “Syred” Andersson, a long-standing member of our Rainbow Six Siege roster, into free agency. Syred has been with the team since the very beginning and has fulfilled many roles. He has primarily acted as a manager and coach but has experience playing and most recently focused on analytics and scouting for opponents for matches.

While we are grateful for all of his contributions and the time he has put in with us we believe it is time for us to make some changes to break us out of a routine that has left us all a bit unsatisfied. Hyperino will be stepping up to take over Syred’s management responsibilities and we will be bringing on a new analyst in the near future in hopes of injecting some fresh ideas and philosophies into the team.

If you are an organization or team that is interested in an experienced manager and coach please reach out to Syred at