Welcome Hunter "SicK" Mims

Today we have another roster update for everyone. Chaos EC CS:GO has decided to part ways with ben1337 heading into the inaugural season of Flashpoint. After several months together the team felt like it was best to go separate ways. Starting this weekend Hunter “SicK” Mims will be stepping in to replace him on the roster.

Matthew Elmore, the team’s coach, had this to say on change, “After spending some time with the team I knew we needed someone with more firepower than Ben. Ben is a good player, but we already have people in the roles he is used to playing so we needed to swap him. I’ve worked with Hunter before and he was available. He fits pretty well into the slots we need him to fill. I'm excited to see what we can do with his addition to the team.”

Please join us in welcoming Hunter “SicK” Mims to the Chaos EC CS:GO Team.

Chaos EC CS:GO Roster:

Owen “smooya” Butterfield

Cam “cam” Kern

Hunter “SicK” Mims

Joshua “steel” Nissan

Anthony “vanity” Malaspina


Support Staff:

Matt “mCe” Elmore - Coach

Connor “Slim Sweeeazy” Larkin - Manager