Welcome Mike Haze!

After welcoming Katja last week as our first content creator in Rainbow Six, we are excited to announce our second Chaos content creator, Mike Haze. Known for his achievements in Super Smash Bros. Melee, music, and online streaming. Mike will be creating content with Chaos by showing the life of a competitive smasher and aspiring musician while living in a house with other pro-gamers and esports community members, traveling to esports competitive events, recording music, and live-streaming. We will also create several clothing collaborations to highlight Mike’s individual style.

"I'm extremely excited to be joining the team at Chaos EC. Passion is something everyone on the team has and immediately after our first meeting I knew this was where I wanted to sign. Our visions line up perfectly and i can't wait to share all the dope ideas we have in store for 2020." ⸺ Mike Haze

Our CEO, Greg Laird had this to say: “I have known Mike for several years since working at Beyond The Summit. I have always admired his dedication to his craft and his fans and we can’t wait to help him create vlogs, longer form videos, attend events, apparel collaborations, and help bolster live streams, with any and all sorts of produced content.” 

Join us in welcoming Mike Haze to Chaos EC by following him: