Welcome Ville “SHA77E” Palola

In our search for the final player to round out our Rainbow Six roster we knew we wanted an experienced pro league veteran that would bring fresh ideas to the team, and we know we have found that player in SHA77E. SHA77E has been competing in the pro circuit since the very beginning. His performances on GiFu and ENCE have earned him the respect of the Rainbow Six community, and his win with Penta in the 2018 Six Invitational stands out as one of the most memorable moments in Rainbow Six esports.   

Chaos EC would like to welcome Ville “SHA77E” Palola to our Rainbow Six team.

Chaos EC Rainbow Six Roster:

Rickard “Secretly” Olofsson

Aleks “VITO” Lyapun

Mattias “Renuilz” Nordebäck

Rasmus “REDGROOVE” Larsson

Ville “SHA77E” Palola

Support Staff:

Victor “Syred” Andersson (Coach & Manager)

Galdim “Hyperino” Dani (Analyst)