Win a Date

Win A Date Contest!

Steel and CorruptedG are in search of a Valentine* this year so we’re hosting a contest to help them out. 

What is the date, you ask? Well we’re all anti-social, anxiety ridden millennials so of course we wouldn’t expect you to leave your house to go on a real date. The date is an hour long gaming session with either Steel** or CorruptedG which will be streamed on their Twitch channels! We allowed our players to pick the games for the dates so CorruptedG has chosen Rocket League (surprise) and Steel has chosen PUBG.

The Important Stuff:

There will be TWO winners. One for Steel and one for CorruptedG.
The winners must already own the required game for the play session.
The winners must be comfortable with joining voice chat.
The contest ends at 11:59PM EST on 13th February 2020.
Winners will be reached out to and must respond within 48 hours.
We will coordinate a date and time that works for both the winner and our player for the actual date to take place. 
If at any point you are disrespectful or rude during the date you will be removed without warning. 

    Now that’s out the way...

    How to Enter:

    We’ll be randomly selecting two people from each platform (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook). These final 6 will be randomized to draw the 2 winners. You can enter on all 3 social channels to increase your chances of winning!

    Twitter: Like, RT & Comment the name of the player you’d like to play with.

    Instagram: Like & Comment the name of the player you’d like to play with.

    Facebook: Like, Share & Comment the name of the player you’d like to play with.

    Good Luck & Happy Valentine’s! 

    *Both Steel and CorruptedG are in long-term relationships (Sorry).

    **We cannot be held accountable for Steel being a bad date.